Events Coverage

Given below is a brief recap of the major events organized by the Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust over the years of its spiritual journey.

Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust Celebrates the Visit of Great Sant Madhusudhan Das in Karachi (Sant Milan) 2009

Sant Madhusudhan Das, reverentially addressed as "Bapuji", visited Karachi after 17 years of his leaving for India. His arrival was an auspicious occasion for this organization and the devotees of Karachi, thus a grand program was organized by Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust at Panchmukhi temple of Karachi to celebrate the presence of such as inspiring Guru. Program commenced by offering prayers to Lord Shri Krishna. Thereafter, the trust's Chairman and executive members welcomed Pujya Bapuji and expressed their love in their opening speeches. Pujya Bapuji then began his insightful discourse on Shrimad Bhagavad Gita by referring to a Sanskrit (text) of Gita: paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam meaning that "Lord always comes to rescue the devotees and annihilates the miscreants". Under the light of this text Bapuji emphasized that one should always strive to become a Sadhu ( Holy man) and avoid being duskrtam (miscreants).He further said that it is a human nature to strive for happiness (Sukh) because we are part and parcel of Sachidanand Bhagvan Shri Krishna. Majority, however, has become oblivious of the real happiness and engages in pursuit of specious happiness of this material world, which is transient in nature and ultimately causes sufferings. To achieve eternal peace and happiness (Nitya Sukh), Bapuji advised the audience to take the shelter unto the lotus feet of Lord Krishna under the guidance of a bona fide spiritual master (Satguru). He elucidated the significance of the human birth and advised the devotees to engage in devotional service of Lord Shri Krishna and Gurudeva to achieve the liberation (Moksha). Concluding his address Bapuji gave his blessings and praised Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust for its services towards the Santana dharma and Hindu population of Pakistan.

The pearls of wisdom that Pujya Bapuji shared during the four hour session enlightened large majority of Hindu devotees who attended the evening hosted by Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust. The devotees were left mesmerized by Bapuji's precious words which brought a new direction to the listeners' lives. Finally the evening ended with the session of Mahaparasada for the audiences.

Inaugural Ceremony of Gita Madhuriya (Second Edition of Bhagavad Gita) 2009

New magnificent edition of Bhagavad Gita titled as "Gita Madhuriya" was launched at the Shri Swami Narayan, Karachi. Published by Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust in four colors, this new edition was the first its kind in Pakistan to be published in Urdu language retaining its originality in highly readable form. The first ceremony was held in private at the temple in the divine presence of Kirtananda Swami Srila Bhaktipada in year of 2008. Srila Bhaktipada praised the Gita Art Publication Welfare trust for their efforts in spreading the message of Krishna.

Grand public ceremony of the same Gita was organized at Swami Narayan Temple in 2009 where several Hindu organizations and public attended the evening while Pakistan Hindu Council was given the opportunity to partly sponsor the event. Program started with the grand Shobha Yatra of Bhagavad Gita which set out from main Swami Narayan. Trust's members and many other devotees joined this yatra, singing the Lord's name and playing several instruments arrived at the venue. Thereafter, several people joined in for the Aarti, rendering their respectful homage to Lord Krishna, Song of Lord (Bhagvad Gita) and Guru Maharaja. Subsequent to the Aarti, a welcome note was delivered by the trust's Chairman Shri Chander Kant G. Hatwal, thanking the audience for turning up in humongous number. As much as 3000 Hindus belonging to different cities and ages jam-packed the venue, showing their respect for the Bhagavad Gita and the hosting organization. Moving on, several personalities delivered their speeches relating to Gita and the efforts done by the Gita Art Publication Welfare trust. Pandit Bansilal G. Hatwal (Bhimdas Adhikari), Prof Kanaiyya Lal, Mr Ahmed Umer Sharif , Manohar Lal (MNA), Shri Dharam Das Kirplani, Raja Asarmal Manglani, President Pakistan Hindu Council and its patron Dr Ramesh Kumar were among others who spoke on the occasion. Not only the local dignitaries spoke at the ceremony, but also a highly revered personality named as Sant Madhusudhan Das (Bapuji) congratulated the trust from outside the borders for accomplishing this unwonted milestone. Sant Madhusudhan Das (Bapuji) said in his message from Ulhasnagar that "the organization has presented the Gita in such a simple and beautiful way that the readers are amazed". Besides it, program included dramatic act of Krishna Arjuna, divine bhajans, awards distribution ceremony and finally session was followed by Mahaparasada for such huge audience. All in all, it was once in a decade show put on by Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust that has left the audience with unforgettable memories on the completion. The event was covered by country's leading print and digital media groups and several hundred copies of the new edition got sold at the event.

Launching Ceremony of Bhagavad Gita (First Edition) 2000

Inaugural ceremony of the published Bhagvat Gita (First edition) was held at the Fleet Club Karachi, Pakistan. This event proved to be a new beginning of Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust with extreme focus on spiritual publishing. From this point onwards, the organization started to make its mark as one of notable publishers of Hindu Holy scriptures in Pakistan. The proceedings of the evening commenced with the aarti of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and Lord Shri Krishna, the original narrator of the Gita. Following on the prayers, trust's Chairman Shri Chander Kant Hatwal, and Chief Advisor Shri Pandit Bansilal G. Hatwal shed light on the significance of Bhagavad Gita in lives of Hindus. Respectable dignitaries of the society attended the show including Pandit Gurdas, Shri Hari Motvani, Shri Babulal Bhagat Bihari etc. All orators extended their blessings and gave immense appreciations to the trust for presenting the first comprehensive translation of Bhagavad Gita in Urdu language.

Donation of Spiritual Libraries (Vidya Sagar) 1998, 2002, 2003

First step of life should be the journey towards light, that is, knowledge (gyan) or enlightenment. Gita Art Publication firmly believes and practices the above presented ideology. Realizing the significance of spiritual knowledge and nuisance resulting from ignorance, the organization has always tried to enlighten the people. Donation of the spiritual libraries to major Hindu localities in various parts of the country was one of the many endeavors of this organization to dispel the darkness from the minds of the community. Such religious libraries comprised of prominent Hindu epics, Purana, Shastra and other Holy Scripture in vernacular languages (Urdu & Hindi), Video and audio collection of popular religious series of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shri Krishna etc. In 1998, first of these libraries was donated at Karachi which is a home to large Hindu population. Similarly, another library was donated to Valmiki Temple in Kohat, a medium sized town of NWFP in year of 2002. Another exclusive video library was donated in Rawalpindi in 2003 on the request of the trust's resident representative Pandit Shri Chana Lal for the benefit of the Hindu community living in Rawalpindi. These libraries are still effectively used and served as bank of spiritual knowledge to the surrounding residents of the localities.

Sri Satyanarayana Vrat Pooja (1998 Onwards till Present)

Spreading the essential teachings of Sanatana Dharma is the cardinal principal of this organization. Before it went on publishing the spiritual books, the organization was doing it verbally through inspiring lectures and discourses held at various Hindu localities of Pakistan, particularly Karachi. Amongst them, Sri Satyanarayana Vrath Pooja hosted by the organization on the auspicious day of Purnima has been one of the most notable endeavors. Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust is given the credit of regularly organizing this Pooja every month for the period of more than thirteen years at various Hindus localities, without any personal gains. For those who observed the fast religiously and regularly, this was the great opportunity to move forward spiritually and surrender unto the lotus feet of Sri Satyanarayana, an extremely benevolent form of Lord Vishnu. Every program on this occasion marks its beginning by offering prayers to Lord followed by listening to Sri Satyanarayana's Katha from Pandit Kishan Jhajot, enlightening lectures on Bhagvat Gita by Chander Kant G. Hatwal and finally distributing Mahaprasada among the devotees. Special credit needs to be given to trust's executive member Shri Ramesh Kumar Jedia who regularly oversees the event management with extreme dedication.

Redevelopment of Guru Sri Paancharam Maharaj's Samadhi at Hyderabad 1999

Guru Sri Paancharama's Maharaj was a pious guru, sage and spiritual figure belonging to Hyderabad, Pakistan. Revered by large majority for his religious activities, he stands for satya (truth) and spent most of his time in Satsang for spiritual advancement of local Hindus of Hyderabad. Being the first guru of trust's Chairman Shri Chander Kant G. Hatwal, Guru Sri Paancharama's Maharaj has always been a source of inspiration for Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust. In 1999, organization redeveloped the original Samadhi of venerated Guru Sri Paancharama's Maharaj at the graveyard of Hyderabad to offer its homage to this divine soul. Special evening was organized by Hyderabad Hindu Panchayat( Society) in the honor of Gita Art Publication Welfare Trust , praising and appreciating the trust for remembering the great saint Guru Sri Paancharama's Maharaj.

Govinda Grand Show ll 1998

After the success and popularity of the first show, Govinda Grand show II was organized at Fleet Club Karachi, as per the strong desire of the Hindu community. Late Mr Bhagwan Das Chawla, the former State Minister had the opportunity to sponsor the event this time. Yet again large mass of Hindus assembled and celebrated the joyous festival of Krishna Janamasthami with great enthusiasm and grandeur. Several renowned artists exhibited their gracious talent in their own dynamic ways of devotional singing, chanting, dancing and performing arts. This was one of the many endeavors of the trust whereby it enables the people to forget their sorrows and joyously celebrate the religious festivals.

Sanctifying the Graveyard ( Shamshan Kalyan Yatra) 1996

A unique event was organized at the major Hindu Graveyard of Karachi to sanctify the surrounding environment with the sacred words of Bhagvat Gita. Such is the glorification of Bhagvad Gita that anyone who hears or studies the Gita will quickly have all his accumulated sins destroyed. With this view a session of Gita recitals and lectures was held at the graveyard on this occasion, trying to purify and liberate the souls buried there. Large majority of people took part in this noble cause and prayed for the souls in the graveyard.

Govinda Grand Show 1994

Gita Art Publication welfare Trust formerly known as Gita Art Social Club hosted a grand religious cultural show to celebrate the auspicious festival of Krishna Janamasthami at Karachi, Pakistan. Despite heavy rains on the day, several hundred people thronged the venue to witness the show that left the audience blissful and mesmerized with the spiritual music, performing arts, acts of Rasa lilas and discussions from several renowned personalities of the society.